Warehouse One Music

Meet the Band

Jack Svicarevich

Jack is the guy who usually stands in the middle. Sometimes he forgets to turn his amp on. He writes a lot of music. He’s also really, really, really good at maintaining websites.











This photo captures Mobes’ (Mobes’s??) essence. The beautiful sounds that come out of his cabinet are what give Warehouse One its signature flavor. I guess you could call it a spice cabinet.






Sean Momi


Sean is a very talented bassplayer who believes the bass should be louder on every recording ever made.





Seth Barnes






Sure, Seth is a pro guitar player and lends his angelic voice to W1 harmonies, but did you know he makes some pretty mean salsa?




Steve Meyers




Steve is the backbone and the soul of Warehouse One. He is also Jack’s cousin in some round about Croatian way. Karlovacko!!!